INTORQ invests around 7 million euros in extension

In Aerzen, the signs point to growth

Aerzen, 28 February 2017

INTORQ expects further growth in Germany and Europe and invests 7 million euros at the head office in Aerzen for the extension of the facility. A 3000 square metre hall is currently being built for the new manufacturing and warehousing technology. Another 800 square metres are earmarked for office space and training rooms. The new building complex will allow INTORQ to realise its long-term growth targets. Another building block is the reorganisation of the production processes that is to secure the future of the facility. The opening of the new spaces is scheduled for this summer.

"The sales of brakes and clutches could almost be doubled since the founding of INTORQ GmbH & Co. KG in 2005“, explains the director Dr. Matthias Brendler. "This growth has caused the Aerzen location to reach its capacity limits. But the investment in the extension is a systematic step into the future as we aim for significantly more growth.”

For the assembly, the signs point to lean processes, flexibility and speed. The new building will provide the required space to reorganise the material flows and assembly processes. The new concept includes a combination of modern automated warehouse technology and modular assembly facilities based on a line concept. The overall goal is to further improve the delivery standard of INTORQ for both standard and customer-specific products by expanding the capacities and shortening the assemble-to-order processing times. INTORQ therefore meets the requirements of the market.

The company in Aerzen is also forward-looking when it comes to the environment. The office building meets high energetic standards and the heat energy for the entire plant will be CO2-neutral as it is drawn from the adjacent biogas plant. Emissions are also avoided thanks to the new central warehouse and the no longer existing supplier traffic. Last but not least, the INTORQ staff members can look forward to the new rooms as the makeshift office containers will no longer be needed in the foreseeable future.

INTORQ Aerzen, extension model 2017 (Photo: INTORQ)

INTORQ Aerzen, extension status January 2017 (Photo: INTORQ)